The Dreamtime or the Dreaming

I use and consider both references the Dreamtime and the Dreaming as a constant; both terms are used in conversation meaning the past, present and future.

70 to100 thousand years of Aboriginal recorded history and still counting back. A people who populated the country, witnessed an ice age, watched the sea falling, walked with and recorded the mega fauna. Travelled across the songlines and left a footprint of stories and art too guide following generations.

The use of the word Dreamtime is used to discuss the creation of the world as Aboriginal people knew/know it. Aboriginal people posses an intimate knowledge of the total environment.

To thrive in a diverse country as Australia, information, which was learnt throughout a person’s lifetime, then passed to the next generation.

Stories of highly complex kinship social skills accompanied by hunting knowledge too minimize the impact on resources within language boundaries. How to conduct trade, read the seasonal changes and recount the story of the lore handed down during the dreamtime.

Dreamtime Traveller is designed for everyone travelling and seeking out new experiences and wanting to learn more about Indigenous cultures across Australia.

As travellers crisscross Australia, the different Language boundaries and sub groups have stories handed down from the Dreamtime that is well maintained and are still prevalent today and has significant meaning to the Language Group that reside in that particular part of Australia.