Green desert trip

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Seeing a green Northern Territory desert has so many rewards for the traveller. My recent journey from Alice Springs to Darwin via the Stuart Highway took longer than expected.

I landed via plane in Alice Springs and is in traditional country of the Arrernte and would be travelling north through many other Aboriginal Language groups that have resided and occupied their own traditional country for many years.

It was February and way out of tourist season, however after so much rain and the summer sun that would normally be building mirages across the tarmac, helping dust storms and burning the landscape red raw was being kind to this traveller.

My summer trip across the Northern Territory was a trip I had always wanted to take, on previous travels I would only travel in the winter to avoid the searing heat and the rain did help keep the temperature down.

There was water across the highway in places, which needed to be navigated with caution and with normally dusty dry creek beds that ran with deep water, a sight to see.

I now have crossed the tropic of Capricorn three times but in three different states across Australia QLD, NT and WA and the markers are easily accessed from the roads. One place I do like to stop and spend time marvelling at is the aptly named devils marbles or their traditional name Karlwekarlwe and is a very important dreaming site.

The visitor will find a version of the dreaming story that is attached to the site around the back of the site in the picnic area and is very detailed to get a better understanding of the significance and its connection to the traditional Language groups in the area.

Devils Marbles NT
Devils Marbles NT
Tropic of Capricorn NT
Tropic of Capricorn NT

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