Mt Warning

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Mt Warning has many names such as Warrior Mountain-Cloud catcher-Wollumbin and is located in an area known as the Bundjalung Nation Language group.

In the Tweed Valley just south of the Gold Coast in NSW. An easy drive through the town of Murwillumbah (place of many opossums) to reach the base of the mountain

Named Mt Warning by Lieutenant James Cook in May 1770 during his great voyage as a warning sign to all passing ships when he encountered reefs just of the east coast.

One Aboriginal legend calling it Warrior Chief-Wollumbin for its prominent profile of a man looking towards the heavens when viewed from different angles.

Cloud Catcher for others as local myths indicate when the peak is surrounded in cloud rain is being captured by the mountain to share with the people across the valley.

Wollumbin is said to mean fighting chief of the mountain and the scaring you can see from the eastern side are wounds inflicted during battle.

Wollumbin is also known for fairies who look after the undergrowth in the lush rainforest trees and the mountain.

For the more adventurous an early morning walk to the summit has many surprises. The new track is an easy walk up and allow seven to eight hours for a return walk, however the last 300 meters or so must be traversed with the assistance of a chain rope, which is not for the faint hearted.

Take plenty of water and light snacks, pack a small torch, weatherproof jacket as the weather can change quickly and a camera is a must.

Standing on the top of Wollumbin watching the first rays of the sun streak across the ocean to touch the Tweed Valley sprawled out before you is a moment not to be missed.

Wollumbin Dreaming-image by KPerandis
Wollumbin Dreaming-image by KPerandis



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