Dreamtime Beach

One of the least visited beach’s, with easy access is Dreamtime beach with its long stretches of sandy white shoreline. Snuggly hiding away, however an easy stroll from the southern end of Fingal Headland and from the northern end of Kingscliff beach.

Dreamtime Beach is worth the effort, relaxing on this beach can be surprisingly quiet compared to the popularity of the beaches in the area.

Other activities include fishing, beachcombing, swimming or just taking an umbrella to spend the whole day doing nothing at all.

Photographers will not be disturbed as you capture the early sunrise.

When the tides and wind are right either side of the headland can be a popular surfing destination.

Wandering along the cliff tops of Fingal Headland the old lighthouse stands the test of time and on the southern side of the headland you could catch sight of fish that has been trapped in the mermaid pool waiting for high tide to escape.

Once down onto the beach you might hear the legendary Black Dog that has found its home in the cliff caves. A local Aboriginal myth discussing the sound the caves make when rough seas wash into the cave or when the wind blows.