G”Day and welcome Dreamtime Traveller, I’m Gavin Logan and I am passionate about sharing my Aboriginal Culture.

I am from the Bundjalung nation. An Australian Aboriginal Language group located between Grafton and the Gold Coast on the east coast of Australia and I am delighted to invite you too travel with me.

When travelling in Australia-you are travelling in the Dreamtime.

As you travel around Australia you will get to know some stories of the dreamtime, It is important for the traveller to know, not all dreamtime stories are available to the uninitiated or the general public.

Australia is made up of over 600 Aboriginal nations all separated by recognised boundaries and with their own totems, customs, traditions and language.

During the creation almost every Mountain, river, waterfall and beach got their own story to tell, as with the unique animals such as Kangaroo, Koala, Bilby, Quoll and especially the Crocodile and the secretive Platypus.

This too me, is the Dreamtime.

Gain knowledge about the Aboriginal Language group that you will be passing through and if you want more, please email me and I can help you connect too Country.

As you travel your dreaming with me you might even create some of your own stories to share with your family and friends.

Its your journey and our story- so are you ready dreamtime traveller?


Then lets go.